Home User


(Business user?  Please see the 'Business Services' section below.)

remote support

Caught in a bind but can't make it out?  No problem.  We can fix your computer problem while you sit in the comfort of your own home.  Both Windows and Mac users can now rest at ease.

Add computer ram/memory

Among many other things, adding computer RAM/memory can significantly speed up operations on your computer.  Most current computers can run at least 8GB if not up to 64GB and beyond.

Device diagnostic analysis

You can tell there's a problem, but can you pinpoint it?  Sometimes it's difficult, but we can help out.  We can extensively search your system and find the exact fault, correct it, and have your system back up and running flawlessly.

mobile and smart device support and setup

There are so many tools available to keep your life connected.  Your iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad or tablet, smart light bulbs, smart appliances, programmable thermostats, wireless cameras... whew, the list goes on from here.  We can assist in setting up and syncing all of your devices to keep you focused on what you're doing and not how it's all supposed to mesh.

custom computer builds

We can spec and build a new computer to exactly meet your needs and budget.  We will detail and order all of the hardware, build the computer, install all of the software, and set up the computer - providing you with a turnkey solution to your newest device.

custom router setup and installation

Unleash the power of your router and secure your Internet connection.  We can purchase and flash a router with third-party firmware (we love Tomato!) and then set it up in your house.  This will unlock so many new features of your router that would never be possible on stock firmware. 

wireless router setup and maintenance

Wireless routers are complicated devices that perform a lot of functions on your home network.  We can simplify your life by setting up or providing maintenance for your router.

install ssd

We've installed countless SSDs into computers and watched user's eyes light up at their newfound speed.  An SSD can replace your standard hard drive and show immediate speed increases.  These come highly recommended.

apple device support

Apple user?  Awesome, we can help you, too.  We've worked on iPads, iPhones, iMacs, MacBooks... the list goes on. 

What We Support

We'll support you with software and operating system upgrades, data backups and transfers, and basic hardware upgrades.  We can teach you how to best use your device, store data in the cloud, or anything else you can think of with your software.

What We Don't Support

There are already great companies out there that can replace batteries in your iPhone or support extensive 'surgery' on your iDevice.  While we can support some of these operations, we do so on case-by-case basis and with limited warranty. 

data recovery

Deleted a file on your hard drive and can't get it back?  Hard drive crashed with precious data?  There's a good chance that we can get it back.

data backup or transfer

We can back up your important data to an external hard drive or to the cloud, no problem.  Getting a new computer?  We can transfer all of your data to the new computer making your switch seamless.

computer security / antivirus setup

Strengthen your defenses against cyber enemies.  We can weed out viruses, set up antivirus solutions, and show you how to become a titan of secure computing.

OS Upgrades/Installs

Migrating from MacOS or Windows to a new version of the operating system?  We can help install and migrate any information as needed. 

something else?

Do you have a problem not specifically listed here?  Please ask!  We would love to help!



As a nonprofit or small business, you have different needs than a home user.  No problem, we can take care of those as well.  But, if you are interested in any of the above services for your business, we can adapt to any situation and provide excellent service for your employees or clients.


it consulting

We can design and construct a network for your nonprofit or small business, provide file and storage solutions, build your own private cloud, and discuss hardware upgrade plans among a host of other options.  Please contact us to discuss details or any questions you may have.

End-User Training

Employees are your greatest asset.  Training keeps them sharp and able to conquer the technical landscape in which we live. We can teach on just about anything - from security to computer basics to office policies and procedures.  We specialize in training by immersion by providing not only facts about what is going on but also example scenarios and hands-on exercises.

Printer setup/maintenance

Printers can be a hassle to set up and maintain.  No problem, we can take care of that for you.

File and data storage solutions

Have a ton of files you need to keep safe and private in your nonprofit or business?  No problem.  We can set up your own cloud or provide large arrays of disks for handling all of your data with redundancy in case anything fails.  The sky is the limit on this one.

Surveillance camera system installation

Keeping an eye on your property is incredibly important.  We can mount cameras, run cabling, and set up NVRs (Net Video Recorders) to keep important footage at your fingertips.  All of this can be integrated into your current network (usually).

something else?

Do you have a problem not specifically listed here?  Please ask!  We would love to help!